Augmenting Your Brain with Smartphones and Semantic Technologies: SXSW Panel Proposal

sxsw-2010The panel picker for SXSW went live this morning, including our panel proposal called “Augmenting Your Brain with Smartphones and Semantic Technologies,” at the intersection of augmented reality, semantic web, mobile technologies, and brain science.

SXSW (South by Southwest) is one of the largest music festivals in the United States. In recent years, SXSW has also become a mecca for creative internet and new technology developers, entrepreneurs and designers. Augmenting Your Brain is a panel proposal for SXSW Interactive.

The next evolution of the web, the semantic web, is rapidly adding layers of intelligence to the connected information of the world. And we get to carry more and more of this intelligence around with us every day. How will that change us?

Soon we all will have two brains: one in our head and one in our pocket. At least one is getting smarter every day. How can we augment the squishy one? Learn how context-aware mobile devices connecting to semantic web services can give you ESP and new powers. Discuss how it might actually start to change our brains.

The questions that the panel will address include:

  1. What are semantic web technologies?
  2. What is augmented reality?
  3. How can I augment my brain with technology?
  4. How does context awareness change every application?
  5. What is the bridge between human brains and silicon brains?
  6. How will new media and semantic technology make me smarter?
  7. What is brain plasticity?
  8. How might semantic mobile technology change my brain?
  9. What are the best use cases to illustrate the power and potential to augment our brains?
  10. What happens when we connect a billion brains using mobile and semantic technology?

There are over 2200 proposals for panels for SXSW 2010, and the community vote partly determines which panels will be on the agenda at the SXSW conference. The Panel Picker is a fascinating list of ideas. This is a great way to organize a conference, with topics sourced from a very creative community of participants.

If you like the idea of Augmenting Your Brain with Smartphones and Semantic Technologies, and you would like to see this panel at SXSW 2010 or online, vote here:

Thanks for your consideration, and please be sure to give this panel a Thumbs Up and leave a comment on the SXSW Panel Picker with your thoughts.

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